Monday, September 10, 2007

Not Exactly The Montgomery Bus Boycott

Way back in my college days, I used to spend a lot of time at Wellesley (which is where the then-future and now-current Vesti-wife attended school). There wasn't a great deal of "fun" to be had on the Wellesley campus, but if you wanted to talk to some really angry, socially-conscious, tunnel-vision types, you were in the right spot. We ate a lot of takeout food at Wellesley, but NEVER did we eat a pizza from Domino's. See, Domino's was owned and chaired by Tom Monahan, who made no secret that he was donating large amounts of company cash to anti-choice organizations in the hopes of overturning Roe v. Wade (Monahan went on to own the Detriot Tigers and is currently trying to build an entire Christian town in Florida ... no shit, that's true). So, if you ordered from Domino's you were immediately labeled an enemy of women's rights. Which was fine with me, because Domino's pizza tastes like somebody shellaqued a pile of squeezy cheese, tossed it on an unflavored muffin, and sprinkled it with ketchup.

I borrowed the "Ketchup" reference from Henry

Regardless of my feelings about the quality of Domino's food, I have always found the whole idea of economic boycotts based on political beliefs tremendously silly. First of all, I feel like in most cases, it's better the devil you know - hell, you order from Sal's Famous Pizzeria, and you'll be paying for more political incorrectness than a few less aborted fetuses, I'll tell you that much:

How'd this boycott work out, anyway?

I figure that if I like the product, and the means of production is palatable, I got no beef with anyone spending their money (including direct deposits of corporate profits) in any way they see fit. While Kathie Lee Gifford makes me want to vomit and slice my own eyeballs out with the rusty edge of a skate-blade, I never had any problem with anyone purchasing her line of clothes until it turned out that she was manufacturing them with an army of Thai slaves (who should, by all rights, have been happily employed in the country's lucrative erotic entertainment industry).

I say all of this because is owned and produced by the KINGS of political-economic product boycotts, the American Family Association. Over the years, Donald Wildmon and company have boycotted EVERYTHING, from Howard Stern to baby foods to gum to what-have-you ... if there is a shred of "anti-Christian" indecency detected in your product, AFA will write you a bunch of letters and threaten to no longer eat your brand of Macaroni & Cheese. Hell, they run so many simultaneous boycotts, I have no idea how anyone who participates in all of them can feed and clothe themselves. I'm looking forward to the AFA boycott of "Hydrogen", which is a particularly lascivious element (not to mention a symbol of individualism and radical existentialism) that is designed - intelligently, of course - to chip away at fiber of the only true core element of American culture - the traditional nuclear family.

When the AFA sounds off against Janet Jackson's ugly-assed nipple, or potty swears on the radio, or a teen orgy scene on "Without a Trace" (yeah, it was pretty good), they create an annoyance, but at least their message "makes sense" in the context of their broader mission. However, if their ongoing boycott of the Ford Motor Company is having any impact whatsoever, we should all ask ourselves:

"Why does the AFA hate America?"

Check out the OneNewsNow archive of anti-Ford stories:

Group Links Ford's Sales Drop to Homosexual Support
Ministry leader: No Fords for us
POLL: Are you more likely to buy a Ford
Ford shareholders to reintroduce proposal against pro-homosexual ...
Ford shareholders listen closely to policy proposal, but still say ...
Ford responsible for its own sales decline, AFA says
Group says boycott adding to Ford's money woes
Ford's sales drop, homosexual support continues
Ford move called part of pullback from homosexual support ...
Ford tops sponsors on GLAAD-approved TV shows
Ford pledges to continue support for homosexual activism ...
Activist convinced Ford headed toward day of reckoning
News media ignoring Ford boycott, media analyst says
Support for homosexual agenda remaining 'Ford tough'
Ford: diverse, but losing business ground?
August another bad month for Ford Motor

I would like to personally thank the AFA for their efforts in weakening the already troubled 2nd-largest automaker in America. It's funny, I hear all the time from right-wing clowns that "Liberals love it when the news says we're losing in Iraq" because that makes it easier for left-wing types to push their agenda and win elections. Frankly, 99.9% of the liberals I know would find it offensive and unpatriotic to gloat over American deaths in any war, even one in which it's clear that liberal voices have correctly analyzed and predicted for over five years. Unfortunately, the folks at the AFA have no such compunctions about gleefully expressing their schadenfreude for a major American industrial leader and employer of thousands of Christians - ostensibly dancing AND fiddling while Rome burns and economic disaster looms. And why? Because a tiny fraction of Ford's cash goes to support diversity and the protection of civil rights for homosexuals.

Seems like every misguided economic boycott has its roots in Detroit, doesn't it? Maybe those folks should all move to Flint.


Carl said...

Ford Motors introduced the assembly line concept to America, thus creating myriad implications for the country, and for the AFA.

Just think: if it wasn't for the assembly line, via a few iterations of logic, such as unions and so on, Sundays would see most of their followers at work bolting buggy wheels to horse-drawn carriages.

HistoryWriter said...

I hope some of the Christians who are being laid off by Ford take a trip to Tupelo and personally "thank" Rev. Don Wildmon in a uniquely southern way for helping ruin their finances.