Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Discrimination is Where You Find It

Some days, I write a rambling expositionary screed to introduce the day's material from OneNewsNow.com ... on other days, the material speaks for itself. This is one of those days:

Christian cartoonist feels suppressed by mainstream media

A Texas-based sign maker and part-time editorial cartoonist says political correctness, which has stifled debate on issues such as homosexuality and the threat of global terrorism, has made it tough for him to find an outlet for his creative work.

Dave Eden [...] draws editorial cartoons on a part-time basis. His cartoons appeared from time to time in his local paper, The Wylie News, until two cartoons -- one on homosexual marriage, and another about Muslim terrorists -- offended some people. Eden says officials with the newspaper refused to run anymore of his cartoons, claiming they did not want to offend various segments of society.

In the immortal words of Mahatma Gandhi, "who did Dave Eden suck off to get free publicity like this?" Obviously, Dave is a very talented man whose amazing work must speak for itself. Speak away, Dave:

I'm at a loss. Did the soul of Thomas Nast suddenly pull a Quantum Leap into the body of Dave Eden? That's some scary talent. Check out more at Dave's incredible toon site.

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