Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Evils of Holiday Inn

Satan's Playground??

Truly, only the Lord knows just how much evil has been committed inside of Holiday inns. Every time I stay in a hotel, I try to imagine what the worst thing was that ever happened in my assigned room. Was a prostitute ever strangled? Did someone get a bad batch of H and have to be med-flighted to the hospital while comatose? Or - horror of horrors - was a Christian ever marginalized there? I never know, but I do know that the good folks at OneNewsNow detail the horrors experienced by the earnest members of Americans for Truth when they attempted to book some time at the bustling Holiday Inn in downtown Naperville:

Americans for Truth (AFT) had reached a verbal agreement with the Holiday Inn Select in Naperville, Illinois, to hold its October 6 banquet at the hotel. AFT had the reservation for several weeks, and both parties had even discussed the menu for the event. But when AFT executive director Peter LaBarbera told the banquet coordinator the event might draw a protest from homosexual activists, general manager Dennis Igoe dropped the reservation due to what he called "potential negative publicity to the hotel."

Of course, there's a threatened lawsuit along with a call to arms for all good Christians to fight this horrid injustice. And OneNewsNow's readers apply their sharp critical thinking skills to help us better understand the issue:

Hatred for Bible believing Christians is growing and spreading like a cancer across America. It is a sign of the last days. I will choose to avoid Holiday Inns from now on. God is keeping a record of these actions.
Posted by David Gates

Yes, David ... but is He checking it twice?

Frankly, they should sue. You can not let something like this slide and set a precedent, and then later down the line complain about anti-Christian discrimination. Muslims sue. Homosexuals sue. Everybody sues whenever they're feelings are hurt, and it's the Christians that are usually the targets. Time to start firing back. And frankly I am sick to death of this one-way tolerance BS.
Posted by Keith

Damn straight, Keith. It's definitely time to get back to old-school, zero-way tolerance.

The AFT should launch a damage suite against the hotel [...]
Posted by Tony Altamore

Unfortunately Tony, the "Damage Suite" comes with turn-down service.

Good Grief!!!! Another cave in to the homosexuals. When is corporate America going to stop kissing their dirty filthy cornholes and start treating everyone equally as it is stated in the constitution.
Posted by Breeze

I might have to re-read my Constitution ... I must have skipped over the "stop kissing cornholes" part.

My family of eleven will not again be staying with this company.
Posted by Golf Pro

Travis Henry? Is that you?

I shall never again darken the door of a Holiday Inn. [...]
Posted by Ray

Ray, what exactly do you darken the door with? Do you rub something on it?

Personally, my husband and I can't afford Holiday Inn prices when we travel, but if we could, be sure that we would boycott them. I try to boycott ANY business who caves in to pressure from the liberal left. [...]
Posted by Shirley Hackbart

Shirley, if you can't afford to stay at a Holiday Inn, I'm sure that corporate America is shuddering from the potential impact of your boycott. In the meantime, we'll leave a light on for you.


not_over_it said...

Maybe Shirley should cut back on the Domino's Pizza so she could afford them fancy hotels?

Carl said...

Now, when I think of Holiday Inn, I think of crappy middle class families imposing their 2.8 children on me while I'm trying to sleep.

I've never seen anyone have sex, much less get murdered, in a Holiday Inn...altho I have to admit I might have had sex in one, but I had my eyes closed.