Friday, September 14, 2007

Loyalty Update

Wow, the OneNewsNuts are really angry at Fox News. Here's some more comments from the wingnut gallery:

I wish I knew what makes everyone rally around these homosexual groups. Why the money spent, the parties given, Why? I just don't understand the privledge they rank. A life style that is pure decadance and it gets all the glory. Just don't understand why the need to back this group. A group that can run half naked down the streets for its Gay Pride day (that makes you proud?), while anyone else trying that would get arrested for breaking the indency laws. and for those who think I'm homophobic, what does that mean exactly? All I can tell you, is that my father was gay and I saw things no kid should see ok? So, I do know what I'm talking about.
Posted by Linda

Thanks for sharing, Linda. My dad was gay, too, and while growing up, I also was subjected to sights that no child should ever view:

I don't want to talk about it any more.

The only station I watched was Fox and now I have been deceived. So will get back to some wonderful music and good books. The best one that I do read a lot is the Bible, don't have to guess if there is truth there, because we know it is all truth. Maybe more should pick it up and read the truth. Very disappointed in Fox.
Posted by Norma Robinson

Might I suggest a few ideas?

I am sorry to hear that Fox news is suportive of homosexual activities of any kind. I have always liked Fox news for its conservitive stance. If it support homosexual lifestyle in any way I will no longer watch it.
Posted by Knute Seglem

"Conservitive [sic] stance?" I'll show you conservative stance!


Carl said...

Why the money spent, the parties given, Why? I just don't understand the privledge they rank.

I think it was the tight trousers, Linda...

Red Tory said...

Completely off-topic, but did you happen to catch our old friend La Shawn the Barbarian on TDS last night? Gawd, what a maroon that woman is.

vesti said...

LaShawn ... more power to her, she's figured out how to make money off of the ignorant saps who visit her site.