Thursday, September 13, 2007


Ever wonder why the divorce rate is so high amongst evangelical Christians? Look beyond the stereotypes about wife-beating drunken Larry-the-septic-tank-guy lookin' slobs and their fat hairy beast-wives and you'll find a unifying characteristic amongst southern/plains states Christians - if you cross them ONCE, you're dead to them forever. You might have gone on endless wilding runs and beaten up thousands of negroes with your friends, but save just ONE 14-year-old black girl from being gang-raped and all of a sudden you're the ultimate pariah. Such is the treatment that Fox News is receiving at the hands of OneNewsNow's readers:

Fox News Channel blasted for supporting pro-homosexual group

The president of an Illinois-based pro-family group says many fans of the Fox News Channel would be surprised -- and perhaps even upset -- to know that the network, which describes itself as "fair and balanced," supports a conference for homosexual journalists. The program guide for the recent conference of the National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association in San Diego featured an ad by Fox News Channel. A representative for Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) also attended the conference, which featured homosexual media and mainstream media strategizing around a pro-homosexual perspective. AFTAH president Peter LaBarbera says Fox News has supported the pro-homosexual group for several years.
In Galatians 3:22, the Lord did say "ye shall mete out swift and due punishment to thy transgressor" (actually, I just made that up - sounds good, right?). Anyway, the readers were more than happy to weigh in on the "Fox and Cocks" scandal:

Fair and balanced = Father, Mother, and Children. Thank you
Posted by john rogers
Evidently John is a big fan of "Logan's Run," and Grandma and Grandpa were killed off a long time ago.

If God says this life style is a sin, why in the world would you support it?
Posted by Bob White
Bob, I don't remember anything in the Ten Commandments about gay sex being sinful, but I do recall that little "bear false witness" line. And this is the FIRST time you're getting pissed at Fox for "sinning"?

Because of this support of Homosexuals and theother trash on t.v. we have had our satellite disconnected. Now we read and do other things.I encourage everyone to do the same thing.
Posted by gail gossum
Wow, that was fast acting on your part! I'm glad your family will have more quality time for "other things," like incest and sticking Coke bottles up sheeps' asses. GIT R DONE.

Homosexuality is an aberration of why God created Adam and Eve.
Posted by John V.
I don't even know what that means. John, perhaps you should watch the Fox Vocabulary Channel.

For FOX to support the National Gay journalists convention in San Diego, I feel that I have been "slapped" in the face and I must now reconsider my viewing options. Please say it "ain't so".
Posted by Lynda
Is there any reason to spell out the "slapped in the face" joke here? I didn't think so.

Good time for me to stop watching the news anyway,as my son-in-law flies out for Iraq the 15th of this month.GOD HELP THIS NATION.
Posted by Joe
Yeah, you picked a great time to stop informing yourself of world events.

I recall Bill O'Reilly was the commentator/spin zone that brought to our attention that Chavez (leader in Venuzuela) owned Citgo and supplied the fuel. He wants to overthrow our government and thinks President Bush is the devil! Go figure. Why let Citgo be a sponsor of FoxNews if they hate our country. 7-11 stores got it right. They stopped using Citgo as a fuel supplier and went with local vendors!!!
Posted by Tricia
"Prevent the next 9-11 by shopping at 7-11." Thanks, Tricia!

But perhaps the award for the post with the most tormented irony goes to Mr. Spray:

I have been a FOX fan for years and believe for the most part they are truly fair and balanced. They present, in most cases, both sides of the issue, which is as it should be. I am truly ashamed that they would support the gay/lesbian agenda in any way.
Posted by John Spray
It's a wild world.

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Fantod said...

"Slapped in the face" is prettty damn funny, but weren't there any "forced down our throats"? That phrase is almost always unwittingly paired with "gay agenda" by these nutcases.