Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Down Wit Da AIDSizzledizzle

Pop culture sland always has a shelf life. Nobody calls anything "groovy" anymore, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone scoring a touchdown saying "slap me five," and no self-respecting racist would ever call a black person a "darkie." Unfortunately, corporate types LOVE to integrate cultural slang into their product names and advertising campaigns ("this'll be really hip and fab for the kids!"), and sometimes they wind up stuck trying to sell a laughable anachronism. The comprehensive sex-ed program "Get Real about AIDS" seems well on its way down this path ... the program was named in 1992, at a time when we had yet to quiero Taco Bell, no dudes were getting Dells, and many people believed that Flavor Flav might actually have contributed something of substance to Public Enemy. Fifteen years later, the phrase "Get Real" has somehow remained somewhat inter-generationally relevant, but it's hanging by the thinnest of threads.

Perhaps it's time to rename "Get Real about AIDS" now that it has been thrust into the public sphere. As our pals at report:

Pastor says superintendent doesn't want sex-ed curriculum revealed
A Florida pastor says a public school superintendent in St. Lucie County has purposely kept parents from finding out about the sexually graphic nature of sex-education curriculum for the district. The school board in St. Lucie County, Florida will hold a public forum Saturday, December 8, on the proposed sex-ed curriculum called "Get Real About AIDS." But Pastor Brian Longworth, associate pastor of Covenant Tabernacle World Outreach Center in Port St. Lucie, says the public forum is not being advertised or promoted. He believes superintendent Michael Lannon is hiding the curriculum's content from parents because of its sexually graphic nature, which Lannon maintains is meant to promote abstinence.

First of all, do yourself a favor and re-read that paragraph. First of all, there is a PUBLIC FORUM scheduled to discuss this curriculum ... that forum will be held in THREE WEEKS ... and Brian Longworth "believes" that the Superintendent is "hiding" the content of the curriculum on the basis of lack of advertising. Never mind the complete last sentence of the paragraph:

He believes superintendent Michael Lannon is hiding the curriculum's content from parents because of its sexually graphic nature, which Lannon maintains is meant to promote abstinence.

Apparently, Longworth is saying that Superintendent Lannon says that sexually graphic material promotes abstinence. I'm guessing that Mr. Longworth's comprehension problems extend to the world of vocabulary, and he may not understand the meanings of the words "libel" and "slander." But I digress. Of course, the article takes the typical "inflame and obfuscate" road and then makes a right turn on Propaganda Highway:

Pastor Longworth wonders if the curriculum is so good, why it is being kept from parents. He says if the school district thinks that highly of the curriculum, district officials should be proud and stand up and say it is a condom-based curriculum. "He's being deceptive, trying to trick parents into thinking that this is something that they will like, and not releasing the curriculum in time for them to review it."

Just in case "Pastor" Longworth wants area parents to check out the curriculum, I have a few web resources for him:

Also, Google returns a few billion results for "Get Real About AIDS," but in case Longworth's backwater Florida no-teeth half-retarded parishoners are too poor to afford the Internets because they've been fucking since they were 12 and have dozens of illegitimate children strewn across the deep south who all suffer from various deformations due to high incidences of chlamydia, syphillis, gonorrhea, hepatitis, HPV, and fetal alcohol syndrome ... well, here's a sampling of what they would find:

Overview of the Curriculum
The Get Real about AIDS high school version is a 14-lesson curriculum uses entertaining activities, discussions, roleplays, simulations and videos to give teens the knowledge and skills needed to reduce their risk of HIV infection. Although Get Real about AIDS is an HIV prevention curriculum, it addresses sexual risk-taking behaviors related to pregnancy prevention, including: delaying sexual activity, using condoms, being monogamous if sexually active, and avoiding risky situations.

Curriculum Objectives
At the completion of this program, youth will:

Reduce their risk of becoming infected with HIV.
Delay sexual activity.
If sexually active, use good judgement by abstaining from drug use, using condoms correctly, getting tested for HIV, and being monogamous.
Not share needles.

Get Real about AIDS consists of the following 14 lessons:
Lesson 1: Teenage Vulnerability to HIV
Lesson 2: Transmission of HIV
Lesson 3: All about AIDS and Other STDs
Lesson 4: Delaying Sex
Lesson 5: Preventing HIV Infection
Lesson 6: Limits
Lesson 7: The Refusal Skill, Day 1
Lesson 8: The Refusal Skill, Day 2
Lesson 9: Peer Messages
Lesson 10: Using the Refusal Skill Proactively
Lesson 11: Becoming Comfortable Using The Refusal Skill
Lesson 12: The Refusal Skill for Self-Control
Lesson 13: The Community Meeting
Lesson 14: Transfer

Never mind that on August 29, more than a few peeople already had their public fill of this issue:

At Tuesday's four-hour School Board workshop, the board did not vote on any changes to the current curriculum but listened to 35 people speak for and against the changes.

In fact, the audience of more than 150 people at the Dolly Hand Center on the campus of Palm Beach Community College came from throughout the Glades, with smatterings of folks from the east coast of Palm Beach County and included some Martin and St. Lucie County, as well. Hastings and a panel of area agency leaders provided current information that addressed the healthcare needs of people infected with HIV/AIDS and the latest educational programs aimed at preventing the disease.

Apparently, rather than distribute this information to his "parishoners," Longworth has been very busy writing his own material:

Through his church's website, the group Youth for America -- of which the pastor is a co-founder -- has gathered more than 3,750 petitions in opposition to the sex-ed curriculum.

WHOA! Once again, OneNewsNow has located a movement with an ASTONISHING raw number of petitions. Now, imagine that 100 people signed each of these 3,750 petitions ... that's like 8.9 BILLION signatures, right? Fucking impressive. Anyway, most of these people apparently signed these petitions after they viewed this information about the hidden curriculum posted on "Pastor Longworth's church website. I guess that Longworth's claims about a campaign of secrecy are grounded in the fact that nobody visits his Church's shitty-assed, designed-for-the-Lynx-browser-in-1993 website. Hey Bryan - fantastic unreadable animated GIF of a watchtower beacon in the top left banner. Perhaps you can work in a reference to "Where's The Beef?" so that everyone feels like they really did need a time machine to view your ghastly site (notice how I worked that "Pop Culture shelf life" theme back in? I'm good).

Anyway, what would a ONN article be without, as Fantod points out, a display of ONNanism from the dedicated readers:

Do you ever wonder why schools today cannot teach children how to read,write and general math skills but believe adamantly they can teach them about sex? Stupid is as stupid does. In this case it is the people who vote for the DEMONcrats that do not have a clue. It is simple, the devil wants our children. When will this nation turn from our wicked ways and humble ourselves and seek GOD'S face and pray for our nation and our families. This Thanksgiving can be for real. The GOD of ABRAHAM, ISACC and JACOB is waiting for you to ask JESUS into your heart. Don't wait. Please


Danny B. Joyner
Brewton, Alabama
JOHN 3:16

Yes Danny ... the Devil wants your kids. And he wants to fuck 'em in the ass. And cum all over them. Oh, actually, that's what your neighbor in the shack that he hasn't fixed up since Hurricane Noinsurance wants to do with your kids. My bad.

somehow i feel this person who wants to keep sex education content secret should be investigated for child sex violations. i think you will find that he is more than a educator to children.

Posted by paul ruppert

My my ... you know, I wouldn't mind the unfounded accusations of molestation so much if they weren't peppered with grammatical errors. This is an EDUCATOR we're talking about - let's try to be a bit more formal.

Ever hear or read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah? Those men in that city were so perverted they even tried to molest the Holy Angels of God. After being struck blind by those Angels, they FELT for the door to Lot's home. That is absolute perversion and enslavement of the spirit and mind. Soon HE comes back to take us out of this corrupted sewer/slime pit. A normal human (at least one) would have immediately gotten to a physician to see about his eyesight. Not this group of Sodomites. Their mind, as today, was below the belt.

Posted by Golf Pro

Goodness - always with the Sodom and Gomorrah references. Don't these people think of anything else? Do they whack off to that Bible story constantly (or is it just me who does that)?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gays Reek

Eureka Springs, Arkansas - it's the new Gomorrah. Just take a look at what those heathens are up to now:

It's a little town in Arkansas with a name connected to Christian traditions by virtue of events like The Great Passion Play, and places to visit such as Christ of the Ozarks, the Bible Museum, and Thorncrown Chapel. Now, however, the name of Eureka Springs is also connected to controversy over the homosexual agenda.

In May the town's leadership unanimously approved an ordinance that allows homosexual couples to register as domestic partners, making Eureka Springs the first city in Arkansas to have such a registry.

The registry confers no legal rights upon anyone ... it's just a registry. But much like aerosol paint cans can be a gateway drug to the hard stuff (like Jack Daniels and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), it's simply the first step down a slippery slope (although I doubt many slippery slopes actually have steps):

"It is just a piece of paper that says these two people are in a relationship and are committed to each other," Mayor Wilson said. "That's all." In the opinion of those opposed to the city council's decision, however, that's not all the piece of paper says. It represents a promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.

Rev. Wilson said, "God wants everybody to have the best possible life. Anything that deteriorates from the quality of life, God would like to call us away from that, and I put homosexuality in that context."

Apparently, however, Eureka Springs has already slid WAY down that slope, which is apparently greased with KY (the jelly, not the entire state filled with hillbillies):

There's little doubt that homosexuals play a huge role in the life of Eureka Springs. KTHV said that, of the roughly 2,000 people who live there, about 400 are homosexual. That's a whopping 20 percent of the population -- far in excess of the approximately 2-3 percent of the U.S. population as a whole who are gay or lesbian.

Whoa! And how did they come up with that exact figure of 400? Did they just take everyone's word for it, or did they test empirically? However they arrived at it, that number isn't just a warning, it's a WAR:

As usual, the good readers of have their opinions on the matter. My favorites come from folks whose lives are so sad, that they dream of retirement to a filthy panhandle shack next to a rapist or two:

There was a time when I dreamed of retiring in the Eureka Springs area. I am looking elsewhere to transplant for my retirement. As an Arkansas native, I formerly thought I definitely would retire in Arkansas, but the news of Eureka Springs promoting a domestic partner registry and the state's elected federal leaders' support of the Hate Crimes Bill and ENDA have pretty much ENDAed my plans to return to Arkansas as my home.

I want to retire where I can proudly have my grandchildren visit. I want to live in a communtiy with Christian values.

Posted by Amy

Yeah, Amy. If you can't commit hate crimes, what good is Arkansas?

The following was posted by Linda Flaharty:

Recently we passed through Eureka Springs while we were returning to Oklahoma

Linda, I'm guessing I can stop right there. You had me at Oklahoma. Here's more from the OK state:

Homosexuality is EVIL and no amount of acceptance will ever make it anything else. You might want to try and find where Sodom and Gohmora are today! It was so utterly destroyed that no one knows for sure where it is or existed. We all know the names of Sodom and Gohmora but they arn't on any map. I am afraid that E.S. will end up and avoided forgotten because of this evil.

Jim Schimmel
Lookeba, OK

Oh, I've tried to find them, Jim. Many a night, many a night. I'll keep looking though - perseverance is a virtue.

Wake up peoples. Better band together and stop the communists now or forever stick your sabre in the ground.

Posted by Phillip

First of all, I was unaware of the Marxist/Leninist leanings of homos (it's always an education at ONN). Second, I need to add "stick your sabre in the ground" to my ever-growing list of "euphemisms for ass sex I've never heard before."

And finally:

The absolute worse thing Christians could do is to stay away from Eureka Springs. The best thing they can do is to go to Eureka Springs, support the Christians who live there, pray for the Gay Community, and witness to them. The writer is correct, what a mission field!

Posted by Larry Green

I don't know, Larry ... I worry that after a long, tiring day of witnessing, many otherwise devout Christians will be susceptible to temptation and wind up with a sabre in their backyard.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hey There, It's Been A While

Believe me, I've been busy ... but I've been keeping up with the OneNewsNow lunatics - their self-loathing (sabotaging of Mike Huckabee), their misplaced anger (particularly toward gays ... which is often just more self-loathing), and their fervent desire to demolish public schools in the U.S.A.

Today's OneNewsNow makes an ardent appeal to their readers' penchant for localism - the idea that the federal government should keep their damn hands off of local matters (of course, the feds can always step in and make laws banning abortion, flag burning and mary-juwanna smoking, but that's DIFFERENT). Here we go...

On Tuesday, voters in Utah defeated the school voucher initiative, thanks -- say supporters of the measure -- to more than $3 million in union funds from mainly out-of-state voucher opponents. Robert Enlow, executive director of the Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation, says it is a tragedy that public school teacher's unions sabotaged the program and denied true school choice in order to further their own agenda, and to ensure job security for thousands of public school teachers.

"In fact, this bill would have provided more money to Utah public schools, while at the same time offering more choices to Utah children and families," argues Enlow. "This is an example of where you can have an out-of-state teacher's union -- a national teacher's union -- thwart a local effort, and do it successfully by putting out a bunch of misinformation and lies. And frankly, that's unfortunate for the children of Utah."

But Enlow says the national school-choice movement is strong and will continue to gain momentum. He says such a large group of disaffected people cannot be disregarded forever.

Did you catch that? Let me lay it out for you:

National Teachers Union = BAD
National School Choice Movement = GOOD

But hey, at least this "National School Choice Movement" is a grassroots effort on the part of millions of individuals, all pooling together to make an impact locally, right? And of course, the spokesman in this article is a representative of local interests, right?

Robert Enlow, executive director of the Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation

The Milton & Rose D. Friedman Foundation
One American Square, Suite 2420
Indianapolis, Indiana 46282
Phone: 317-681-0745
Fax: 317-681-0945

Is Indiana close to Utah? Maybe some hoosierkids could take their vouchers and go to Brigham Young University.