Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gays Reek

Eureka Springs, Arkansas - it's the new Gomorrah. Just take a look at what those heathens are up to now:

It's a little town in Arkansas with a name connected to Christian traditions by virtue of events like The Great Passion Play, and places to visit such as Christ of the Ozarks, the Bible Museum, and Thorncrown Chapel. Now, however, the name of Eureka Springs is also connected to controversy over the homosexual agenda.

In May the town's leadership unanimously approved an ordinance that allows homosexual couples to register as domestic partners, making Eureka Springs the first city in Arkansas to have such a registry.

The registry confers no legal rights upon anyone ... it's just a registry. But much like aerosol paint cans can be a gateway drug to the hard stuff (like Jack Daniels and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), it's simply the first step down a slippery slope (although I doubt many slippery slopes actually have steps):

"It is just a piece of paper that says these two people are in a relationship and are committed to each other," Mayor Wilson said. "That's all." In the opinion of those opposed to the city council's decision, however, that's not all the piece of paper says. It represents a promotion of the homosexual lifestyle.

Rev. Wilson said, "God wants everybody to have the best possible life. Anything that deteriorates from the quality of life, God would like to call us away from that, and I put homosexuality in that context."

Apparently, however, Eureka Springs has already slid WAY down that slope, which is apparently greased with KY (the jelly, not the entire state filled with hillbillies):

There's little doubt that homosexuals play a huge role in the life of Eureka Springs. KTHV said that, of the roughly 2,000 people who live there, about 400 are homosexual. That's a whopping 20 percent of the population -- far in excess of the approximately 2-3 percent of the U.S. population as a whole who are gay or lesbian.

Whoa! And how did they come up with that exact figure of 400? Did they just take everyone's word for it, or did they test empirically? However they arrived at it, that number isn't just a warning, it's a WAR:

As usual, the good readers of have their opinions on the matter. My favorites come from folks whose lives are so sad, that they dream of retirement to a filthy panhandle shack next to a rapist or two:

There was a time when I dreamed of retiring in the Eureka Springs area. I am looking elsewhere to transplant for my retirement. As an Arkansas native, I formerly thought I definitely would retire in Arkansas, but the news of Eureka Springs promoting a domestic partner registry and the state's elected federal leaders' support of the Hate Crimes Bill and ENDA have pretty much ENDAed my plans to return to Arkansas as my home.

I want to retire where I can proudly have my grandchildren visit. I want to live in a communtiy with Christian values.

Posted by Amy

Yeah, Amy. If you can't commit hate crimes, what good is Arkansas?

The following was posted by Linda Flaharty:

Recently we passed through Eureka Springs while we were returning to Oklahoma

Linda, I'm guessing I can stop right there. You had me at Oklahoma. Here's more from the OK state:

Homosexuality is EVIL and no amount of acceptance will ever make it anything else. You might want to try and find where Sodom and Gohmora are today! It was so utterly destroyed that no one knows for sure where it is or existed. We all know the names of Sodom and Gohmora but they arn't on any map. I am afraid that E.S. will end up and avoided forgotten because of this evil.

Jim Schimmel
Lookeba, OK

Oh, I've tried to find them, Jim. Many a night, many a night. I'll keep looking though - perseverance is a virtue.

Wake up peoples. Better band together and stop the communists now or forever stick your sabre in the ground.

Posted by Phillip

First of all, I was unaware of the Marxist/Leninist leanings of homos (it's always an education at ONN). Second, I need to add "stick your sabre in the ground" to my ever-growing list of "euphemisms for ass sex I've never heard before."

And finally:

The absolute worse thing Christians could do is to stay away from Eureka Springs. The best thing they can do is to go to Eureka Springs, support the Christians who live there, pray for the Gay Community, and witness to them. The writer is correct, what a mission field!

Posted by Larry Green

I don't know, Larry ... I worry that after a long, tiring day of witnessing, many otherwise devout Christians will be susceptible to temptation and wind up with a sabre in their backyard.

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Keep up the good work..and should want to read what the fundies in their undies are reading to keep up with Eureka Springs, then swing, swagger, or swish on by

400? It's at least double that number....a real smörgåsbord!!!

Thanks for a great site!

Fantod said...

(it's always an education at ONN)

Would that be ONNanism, then?

Sparky said...

OMGG - Oh My Gay Gawd!
I know where I will be dining this Thanksgiving.

Why eat turkey when there are well over 400 Homo's in Eureka to sink ones sabre into.Yum!

Red Tory said...

I’m still trying to digest the concept of wanting to move to Arkansas to retire. I just can’t seem to get my head around that.